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Established in 1997, by Bert Pinheiro. Bert is an expert in wine and Michael and Joe play a huge role in the business as experts in all things beer.

Pinheiro started in the beer, wine and liquor industry in 1972. In addition, he was taught all of his knowledge by the smartest “wine man” in Maryland at the time.

Lyndwood Square is an old-fashion liquor store with modern products. As a result, we know exactly what you’re looking for.

If you need help getting your purchases to the car? WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP YOU!

The store is supplied and updated with new wines and new beers every week, but most of all, we serve the coldest beer in the area!

A large selection of boutique wines that include Spottswoode, Robert Biale, Casanova di Neri Cerretalto, Lewis, LaJota, Yao Ming, Caymus and many more are available.

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